Build a Thinking Business with Artificial Intelligence

IO Tech accelerates your business with big data analytics and AI processes

The result — faster decisions, agile processes and better results. Predict, analyse and march ahead with our cross-industry solutions.

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An intelligent AIOps platform that enables petrochemical, oil and gas companies transform their processes to make informed decisions faster. ProcessHub augments your data analytics to add value to operations and processes. Take advantage of insights, forecasts and regular monitoring to pre-empt failure while also optimising for new opportunities.

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AI-powered Big Data Analytics

Big data is powerful. But AI makes it more powerful still.

Our AI-powered big data solutions take your company’s data and breaks it out of silos. Then, we use powerful machine learning algorithms and powerful AI engines to make sense of your data to predict, explain and optimise — far faster than conventional methods can. It’s a new way of using data to get ahead, while also using data to train your AI engines.

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